Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control system CleanTrack 1000

CleanTrack 1000 Computer Unit with printer unit                CleanTrack 1000 Computer Unit without printer unit

                     Conversion Unit                                                                                        Analysing Unit

The CleanTrack ODMCS-system is a monitoring system for the control of discharged ballast water from tankers and chemical tankers.The system is certified by the marine authority, as well as several different classification societies.

International IMO-resolution A.586(14), as presented under the MARPOL convention is determining the maximum allowed discharge levels, and the system CleanTrack 900TM is designed to meet these regulations. Furthermore, the same system has been certified and approved in accordance with the new IMO resolution MEPC.108(49) coming into force from January 1st 2005, under the name of CleanTrack 1000TM. Both the CleanTrack 900TMand the CleanTrack 1000TM have been tested and approved for a number of Oil-Like Substances. TheCleanTrack 1000TM has several different options for the shipowner and the yard to select the best possible system for each ship.

The CleanTrack systems meets the high demand for a reliable, and low maintenance cost system, which will endure the hard conditions prevailing onboard a tanker. The computer is supplied with the latest version of the IMO-regulations programmed into the software, which easily can be updated when the IMO regulations are changed. All components exposed to the cargo, or to the salt water environment are made of corrosion resistant material.